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Announcing World’s Largest Culinary Tourism Market Research Report

We are pleased to announce the release of our 2020 Food Travel Monitor, the world’s newest and largest study ever published on food tourism market research. The 328-page 2020 Food Travel Monitor addresses common culinary tourism industry planning challenges and illustrates in-depth findings with helpful graphs and charts. Just a few of the questions answered include:

  • How much do culinary travelers spend?
  • What are the top motivators for culinary travelers?
  • What percent of culinary travelers participate in food tours?
  • How do travelers choose their next gastronomy travel destination? and
  • How do Chinese, American, British and other food-loving travelers differ in their behaviors?

The report features culinary tourism insights, trends, and data that professionals in the tourism and hospitality industries cannot afford to miss. Food tourism is important to a wide variety of sectors, not just food, beverage, travel or hospitality. With our latest food tourism market research, it is an opportunity to uncover what your destination, organization or business can be doing to leverage the power of food tourism.

Destination marketers and tourism boards will find the 2020 Food Travel Monitor an invaluable resource to leverage the power of tourism to attract more visitors and aide in strategic planning, product development and destination marketing efforts.

Updated July 2020: A special 20-page COVID supplement has been added to the report, at no extra cost.

Learn more about the report and order your licensed copy here

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