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Meet Amanda Niode, Our Indonesian Ambassador

We are delighted to introduce Amanda Niode as our Association’s newest certified ambassador. She serve as the co-founder and chairperson of Omar Niode Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Indonesia, which works to raise the critical mass of quality human resources and to foster awareness on local cultures and culinary arts. As a food-loving traveler, she champions consumption of local foods, which helps reduce green house gas emissions, the cause of the global climate crisis. Amanda is also committed to training of  women in Indonesia, thereby aiding in local economic development. She is a regular speaker at the renowned Ubud food Festival in Bali, and is frequently invited to speak at food events. She contributed to and edited Trailing the Taste of Gorontalo, a book on Food, Travel and Culture in Gorontalo on the Wallacea, a transition zone between Asia and Australia. She was interviewed in episode 8 of the Association’s Eat Well Travel Better Business of Food Travel podcast. She serves as the Association’s official ambassador in the Wallacea region of Indonesia.

Certified ambassadors represent our Association officially in their local areas, and serve as the connection between our Association and what is happening in their local areas. Interested in becoming a Certified Ambassador in your area? Please get in touch.

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