Vietnam Rocks #WorldFoodTravelDay With New Food Map

Food travel is an undeniable trend among tourists worldwide and offers numerous opportunities to boost the local economy and promote culture. On December 11, 2020, Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism officially approved a new project called “Creating a National Brand for Tourism and Culture. In accordance with the project, Vietnam will develop its tourism industry by focusing on a pair of competitive edges – food and heritage, which will be a key factor to highlight the national tourism reputation on a worldwide scale. Consequently, by showcasing the essence of food and heritage, establishing a network of tourism destinations, and promoting local delicacies, the goal of elevating Vietnam’s food culture to be a national treasure is likely within reach.

As a former co-director of the Food Tourism village in the national innovative festival Techfest 2020, the Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) understands the importance of promoting food culture in the tourism industry, as well as the role of innovation in the globalization process. Celebrating World Food Travel Day on April 18, RAV cooperates with World Food Travel Association (WFTA), together with Techfest Tourism & Food Technology Village, Techfest Local Technology Village, and our international and local partners for the new “Vietnam Food Travel Map” project, under the partnership and sponsorship from Vietnam’s Culture and Cuisine Association (VCCA). This is an initial project to kickstart our Vietnam Food Travel Development program in collaboration with World Food Travel Association (WTFA).

The Vietnam Food Travel Map is a community project aiming to establish a system for culinary destinations, raise awareness of local food culture and heritage through experts, organizations and individual reviewers actively sharing their images and videos about experiencing Vietnamese dishes on different social media platforms. This is the first Food Travel Map of Vietnam developed by the community, artisans, food experts, and especially the LANGLIEU Awards Restaurant Rating and Review System, pioneering in promoting multi-facet Food Travel while connecting with the ecosystem of global Food Travel by World Food Travel Association.

Each image and video contributing to the project will be collected and curated on the Vietnam map, representing different regions and provinces. By using the map, visitors can interact and review the delicacies of each area, connecting with the restaurants or local shops. This is expected to greatly promote Vietnam’s food cuisine domestically and internationally, as well as shaping a new trend of food travel among the community, resulting in highlighting the nation brand for Cultural Tourism based on unique values of local food and heritage. In addition, the project is expected to support food and beverage businesses in the Food & Tourism ecosystem affected by Covid-19. This is another project that supports the WFTA’s goals to help regenerate tourism by highlighting the world’s culinary cultures.

Tải xuống tại đây thông cáo báo chí, viết bằng tiếng Việt.

You can check out the new Vietnam Food Travel Map here.

For more information about the project, please contact RAV here or get in touch with us at the World Food Travel Association for assistance.

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