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What is the New Kitchen Culture Promise and How Can You Support It?

Working to foster positive change, Philadelphia (USA)-based Cooks Who Care, a US-based organization dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of the Food and Beverage Industry, just launched its New Kitchen Culture Promise Campaign. Led by Chef Maria Campbell, the campaign’s goal is to create happier, healthier, safer and more inclusive restaurant workplaces for all. 

After working closely with a team of advisors – 40 industry leaders from around the world – the Cooks Who Care team identified nine Problem Patterns that are common in kitchens across the globe. They have also created a list of steps that businesses can take to begin to address these problems and communicate with their teams, starting tomorrow. Food establishments are invited to select three Problem Patterns that are relevant to their kitchens and to share how they are already addressing these issues or how they plan to start doing so. Cooks Who Care will then use their social platforms to share the stories of people who are committing to make positive change.

“We want to highlight businesses that are leading by example,” says Chef Campbell. “Our industry needs to change and it needs inspiration that change is possible. We want to share stories of people and places that are making the Food Industry better for everyone. It can be done, if we work together.”

Read more about the Cooks Who Care New Kitchen Culture Promise Campaign.  

Join the Campaign here and take action to improve the Food & Beverage Industry! Connect with Cooks Who Care and let them know what steps you are taking in your kitchen.

Let’s inspire as many people as possible to create better conditions in the Food & Beverage Industry by building a new kitchen culture. Help us help Cooks Who Care spread the word about this campaign. Please share with anyone at any food business who you think would be interested.

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