World Food Travel Day April 18

Join us every year on April 18 to celebrate a reason to travel for our world's culinary cultures!

What is World Food Travel Day?

The World Food Travel Association introduced World Food Travel Day in 2019 as a way to put the spotlight on how and why we travel to experience the world's culinary cultures.  Read more about it here. It is designed to bring awareness to both consumers and trade, and support our mission - to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism. This year for World Food Travel Day, we're asking you to feature your favorite local food and beverage experiences that visitors to your area would love.

With everything happening in our industry right now, let's focus on local in 2020!

World Food Travel day is a day dedicated to building global awareness around the importance of protecting and preserving our world's unique culinary cultures.

- Erik Wolf, Executive Director, WFTA

How can you support #WorldFoodTravelDay?


It takes place every year on April 18.

Set your calendar so you don't forget. Join us every year on April 18 - the date is always the same!


Everything to do with culinary travel!

What was your last greatest food or drink memory while traveling? Share your photos and videos with the world!


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