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World Food Travel Day

Each year, we dedicate one day, April 18, to spotlight how and why we travel to experience the world’s unique culinary cultures.

Join a global Food tourism movement

Engage with other food lover's from around the world

Promote Your Culinary Culture

Drive awareness about your one of a kind local culinary assets

Discover unique culinary experiences

Learn more about our world's gastronomy treasures

Every April 18 - A reason to celebrate local cuisine

Every year on April 18th we celebrate World Food Travel Day. We invite food-loving travelers, as well as the world’s travel and hospitality industries, to join in and celebrate World Food Travel Day together. World Food Travel Day celebrates the reason to travel to experience our world’s culinary cultures. The Day first launched in 2019 and is designed to bring awareness to both consumers and trade, and supports our Association’s mission – to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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How to participate?

  1. Mark your calendar for April 18 so you don’t forget!
  2. Then on April 18, post photos, videos and stories from a favorite food or drink experience you had while traveling.
  3. Use the #WorldFoodTravelDay hashtag and tag us @worldfoodtravelassn on Instagram and @WorldFoodTravel on Twitter or Facebook so we can like and share your posts.

Become a sponsor!

Interested in getting maximum visibility for your destination? Become a sponsor for the next World Food Travel Day! We’ll work closely with your team to ensure fantastic visibility for your unique food and beverage products and experiences in front of our global audience of food- and beverage-loving travelers.

Learn More About World Food Travel Day

World Food Travel Day is a 100% virtual event. Everyone celebrates in their own way. Some people take photos of themselves dining out in establishments that are typical of their area's culinary culture. Other people take short videos in a similar environment. Whatever you do, post it on your social media, and mention us so we can like and share your posts too!

Anything having to do with your local food and drink. Yes, beverages are included (it is simply easier to call it "food travel" than "food and beverage"). Visit a restaurant, cafe or pub; sample the offerings at a winery, brewery, distillery, cidery, coffee house, tea house, or juice stand. Take a food or beverage tour. Visit a culinary museum. Cook a traditional dish at home and share your creation! There are no limitations as to what you can include. We just ask that whatever you do, it focuses on your area's local culinary culture, not chain offerings. 

World Food Travel Day is celebrated by everyone - food lovers (consumers), chefs and cooks, tourism offices, bloggers and photographers, pretty much everyone who loves good local food and drink. If you love your area's local foods, then World Food Travel Day is for you!

World Food Travel Day was created to put the spotlight on our local culinary cultures, which are under threat of homogenization and globalization. The first World Food Travel Day was held in 2017. Now the Day takes place every year on the same date, in every country, April 18.

"This is a day dedicated to building global awareness around the importance of protecting and preserving our world's unique culinary cultures."

erik wolf, executive director, world food travel association

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How to get involved YEAR-ROUND

As the world’s leading non-profit authority on food and beverage tourism, we are working to understand the reasons why some destinations are more popular than others for food and drink experiences.  To help us understand this phenomenon, we are conducting a global study of preferred destinations and choice by food- and beverage-loving travelers like you.

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