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Announcing FoodTreX Global Speakers – Day 1

Speaker: Manu Reyes, Papakape Cafe (Philippines)From Pivot To Landmark

Surrounded by lush nature, in a small garage out of sight, the Papakape Café is now a well-known place for the community and passing tourists. Located in Manila, across the street from Manu Reyes’ small family home, Papakape Café opened in 2020 as the world faced the Covid-19 pandemic. From Monday to Sunday, the café offers seasonal products such as Avocado Mocha, Lanka Affogato or Chocnut Crunch Cholocate. Ginger-infused drinks, such as Kape Gingerccino and Blue Ginger Salabat, are a hit with customers and have even made coffee’s reputation.

When creating his establishment, Manu Reyes was inspired by the expression “papa-kape ako” which means “I will make you coffee” or “I will serve you coffee“. Manu is the barista and takes care (and pleasure) in welcoming guests and serving them drinks that are both tasty, comforting and sprinkled with a pinch of mystery.

After only a few months of opening, the father-son company was a real success. The small café has become one of the lungs of the small village and has even helped to create jobs. However, despite this meteoric success, Manu and his father refused all the expansion projects they were offered. What for? Manu will intervene to share his experience, his history, and of course, his passion for coffee!

Speaker: Ewan Henderson (Scotland) – Russian Vodka Off The Menu: The Power Of Food & Beverage Icons

While tensions between Russia and Ukraine had been palpable for several months, the conflict finally broke out on February 24 when Russia decided to invade Ukraine.

If gastronomy brings people together, it is also a way to express support for an entire community. In support of the Ukrainians, people began to boycott many Russian products, including Vodka. While this drink is mainly associated with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, and even France also produce vodka. Unfortunately, the boycott of this drink harms the producers of artisanal spirits. But then, what to do? How to help people dissociate Vodka from Russia? We’ll see all of this with Ewan Henderson, one of the world’s most reputable professionals in the spirits industry.

Speaker: Ulpa Chauhan, Beyond Bamboo Global (UK)Rethinking The Culinary Tourism Supply Chain

Passionate about gastronomy, Ulpa Chauhan is interested in the impacts of our consumption patterns on the planet. A TEDx speaker, Ulpa was also interested in the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on our (fragile) food system. Also passionate about the changes in our world, Ulpa conducts trainings to teach young people how to adapt to the changes. She leads the organization The Legacy Project whose main objective is to support young people in their projects.

Ulpa is also Director of Genius Concept at Beyond Bamboo, which is a B2B service designed to support stakeholders in the functioning (and change) of their supply chain. The aim is to ensure that these chains are as ethical and sustainable as possible. 

For Ulpa, today’s world is facing a very serious paradox between waste and scarcity. How can we waste if we face a shortage, you would say? Ulpa will speak at the FoodTreX Global Summit to explain the importance of rethinking the production chain to ensure that it is part of a circular approach.

Speaker: Marie-Claude Vidal, Destination Sherbrooke (Canada)Balancing Multicultural Food Tourism Challenges

Passionate about gastronomy and travel, Marie-Claude Vidal wants to discover her city: Sherbrooke. To do this, she participates in the organization of various advertising campaigns and uses social networks to reach a very wide audience. Marie-Claude specialized in the negotiation of partnership agreements and strategic alliances, and even initiated the gourmet promotion of “Sherbrooke sets the table“.

The geographical location of Sherbrooke is very interesting: if the city is located in French Canada (in the province of Quebec), it is also close to Ontario, which is English-speaking, and the American border. The city therefore has a very strong cultural identity, sometimes American, sometimes French. But that’s not all! Sherbrook is still influenced by the culture of first nations (aboriginals) and Acadians.

If this cultural mix may seem difficult to organize, it is surprisingly well built in Sherbrook. Marie-Claude will explain how to manage so many cultural influences and how she manages to highlight them in her gastronomic tourism marketing.

Speaker: Dylan Thuras – Culinary Culture: Tourism’s Secret Weapon

We have always said here at the World Food Travel Association that food- and beverage-lovers are not only seeking for a meal, but for a unique memory. More than traveler, we are explorers! So if you too are looking for adventure, you need to get a copy of Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide, the authoritative guide to the world’s obscure culinary products and experiences. The book was published just last October by Dylan Thuras, co-founder of Atlas Obscura, and co-author of the book. Passionnate about food and travels, he will share his inspiration for the book and his thoughts on why preserving and promoting culinary culture is absolutely essential for wooing travelers both today – and tomorrow.

Join us on April 28-29, 2022, to hear these speakers share their stories. Register here.

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