Anthony Creswell – Always Ask Why

In this episode #25, we speak with Anthony Creswell. Born in England and emigrated to Ireland with his parents in 1963, Anthony has been involved in the world of wine and food since 1966. His first 20 years was spent in the world of wine, working with wine merchants, vineyards and wine producers before joining his father in Timoleague, Co. Cork in the late 1980’s and taking over Ummera Smokehouse at the end of the last century. Since then he has concentrated on producing only the finest of products, from smoked organic salmon, to smoked chickens, smoked duck, smoked Picanha beef and smoked dry cured bacon.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why quality trumps quantity
  • Why consumers will always pay more for quality
  • If you can’t sell something, double the price and watch it sell out
  • How bureaucracy & rules can stymie small business growth
  • How an impressive visitor experience drives sales
  • Why you always need to ask why

Discussed in this episode:
Ummera Irish Smokehouse
Traveling Spoon