Samrit Mathur

Meet Samrit Mathur

Samrit Mathur is interning with our Association right now. We’ve asked him to share a little bit about himself. This is what he had to say.

Q: Where are you from?
A: San Jose, California, United States

Q: And most importantly, what are your favorite food and beverage items?
A: Bubble Tea and Fried Chicken

Q: What is your role/title at the Association?
A: Digital Marketing Intern

Q: What type of work are you doing in your daily internship tasks?
A: My work focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) and the optimization work in our email marketing system.

Q: What do you think personally will be the short- to the medium-term impact of the pandemic on food and beverage tourism?
A: I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will, in the short-term, cause the food and beverage tourism industry to take a large hit. However, I know that the industry will bounce back in the long-term, equipped with new innovations that will make companies pandemic-resistant. Consumers will return to explore the unique culinary cultures of the world.

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