World Food Travel Day 2022

As you may know (and if you don’t, welcome aboard!), this is our fourth year celebrating World Food Travel Day. It’s a day that celebrates traveling to experience our wonderful world’s many culinary cultures. It’s aimed at food-loving travelers, as well as the world’s travel and hospitality industries, and anyone with a passion for food or travel (or both) is welcome to join!

Food is something we share sometimes at home around the table with family, or even with travel buddies in a new place. Culture is an essential part of travel, and is an experience shared by fellow travelers. Stories and food are similar in that way, something meant to be shared with others. In that same spirit, April 18 is a way to share stories of meals we have loved and food and beverage that we have experienced during our travels.

Join the movement by uploading a picture or post with the hashtag #WorldFoodTravelDay. You can find out more about the special day here.

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