July Food Travel Talk TV

Food Travel Talk TV July Episode

Join us for the fourth episode of Food Travel Talk TV, a new monthly talk show brought to you by the World Food Travel Association, the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism. The show was created by and for the world’s culinary travel trade industry, and inspires us with ways to help each other to do business better. Each month, we invite industry thought leaders, opinion makers and trendsetters to discuss important topics for our industry’s benefit. The show is 100% online and there is no cost to attend.



How digital marketing strategies in the food and beverage tourism industry are changing because of the pandemic.


Shonette Laffy, Digital Marketing Manager, Visit Bristol
Veruska Anconitano, Digital Marketing Consultant, Anconitano.com

We are pleased to introduce you to these two guest speakers for our next show. Shonette is the mastermind behind Bristol, England’s runaway online success and her work is a major reason that city has garnered its well-deserved reputation as a food-lover’s destination that will please even the most discerning food lover. Veruska is a highly accomplished digital marketing professional who has worked with some of the world’s top brands including Amazon, eBay and Samsung. She has spoken to rave reviews at several of our past FoodTreX events.


We’re all about firsts here at the World Food Travel Association. In fact, we have launched every “first” that our food tourism industry has seen – the first global food tourism trade conference, the first food tourism guidebook for a US state, the first food tourism guide for the entire USA, the first global research on culinary travel, the first market research profiles of food-loving travelers, the first food tourism handbook for professionals, the first food tourism trade podcast, the first online food travel trade summit, the first food travel industry awards, the first food tourism live “television” broadcast and now, the first food tourism industry lifetime achievement award. “The only source of knowledge is experience,” said Albert Einstein. You can count on us at the World Food Travel Association to leverage our experience and continue to innovate for you and our industry! Are you a member yet? If not,  join today our GastroTerra online community.

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